My Blog Has Moved!

February 23, 2011

My blog has now moved to my new website.

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Happy Valentines Day!!!

February 14, 2011

Heres a tune i love!


My week in flicks!

January 26, 2011

Bruno Mars Michael Jackson Impression

January 21, 2011

I came across this video on youtube, i thought it was hilarious but also it shows how talented Bruno Mars is as a performer/artist, the Michael Jackson Cracks me up…Check it out!!

January 21, 2011

So Nicki Minaj is in London town!
It’s like a pandemic here, she is everywhere! I love it!
Check her out looking fly!

‘I’m fucking Peng Bitch! U mad? Lol. *new british slang* means hot, dope, fly.’

(A Quote from Nicki taken from Twitter, she’s so funny)

Check out my Boys Ash Catch’em and Skits on SBTV x Trapstar Cypher

January 21, 2011


I want an instant Camera!

January 21, 2011

And i want it now!
I used to get picture happy with instant cameras when i was younger and i took a ton of pics throughout my teens, but as soon as digital cameras became cool i jumped on that wave and completely betrayed my roid. I decided i missed the feeling of real pictures that you can put in albums and treasure so i am going to purchase a modern take on the instant camera. Here are some cool pics of instant cameras anyway, and i’ll post my new camera as soon as i get it. woohoo!

My Tune Right Now!

January 21, 2011

I just love J.coles lyrics and Drakes

Marsha Ambrosius-Far Away

January 6, 2011

This inspiring singer has released this song which has an important message to it. any form of Bullying is unnaceptable and lives are lost because of this….take a look at the video, beatiful song

My FIRST Youtube Video Cover

December 27, 2010

Hey So i decided i’d do a youtube vid as ive never done a cover before and i really like Bruno Mars’ new song ‘Grenade’ and i figured i might aswell try it, check it out below and tell me what you think 🙂 xx